Brainwaves Research Lab

The lab was founded in 2014 in the Department of Computer Science with the sanction of R & D project on “Silent Speech Recognition” by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), Govt. of India. It was learning experience to come up with the setup of taking brain signals using 128 Channel EEG machine installed in the lab for taking brain signals for different phonemes for English, and Bengali languages for silent speech recognition. Data taking itself was a bit tricky and challenging with different categories of subjects (students) with different response characteristics especially with regard to the propensity of mind. By the time we had number of sessions with the subjects for different experiments we started gaining some sort of experience about the response nature of human brain.
The basic idea of the venture was to look into the way the perceptions are recognized or rather captured in the human brain and the impact of different contexts on the same perception in the behaviour of human brain. However, given the directions of the monitoring committee the work was confined on recognition of phonemes. We understand that the journey is very far with lot of unknown mysteries of human brain. God will show us the path.

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Latest News

Dr. Sinha has been included in the World's top 2% of scientists as reported in Elsevier BV by Stanford University in the year 2021.

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Research Themes

We Investigate On The Following Topics.


Unfolding and understanding ways the neurons interact in temporal and spatial domains even including the third dimension is the motto of the experiments


We develop real-time robust BCI system by which individuals with disabilities can ease their daily life.


The non-stationary characteristics of EEG signals open a wide research area. We develop novel signal processing tools for analysing EEG signals.


We Investigate With The Following Equipments

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

The lab is equiped with EEG devices (EMOTIV Epoc)

High-end PC

Work Station with Intel Xeon(R) Processor with 3.31GHz, 64GB RAM

EEG Laboratory

The Lab is facilitated with relaxing chair bed for patients and fully air conditioned

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